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DJ Qualia (www.mixshare.com)
“Thanks to Rapid Evolution, I've been able to remember the details of all the good mixes I've ever come up with.”

Codec (www.FeedmeGoodTunes.com)
“Time was four months ago, and this was the situation - here's me with no equipment, no practice, no ideas for a killer setlist - and one opportunity to perform a DJ set at a Brooklyn art space four months down the line, no questions asked. A couple of personal days from work and treks to a friend's place for some borrowed time on his decks gave me enough performance confidence to beatmatch and knit a night of music together, but the transitions for the songs themselves weren't coming. And then I discovered Rapid Evolution.

It was like there had been a deep, latticed network of associative connections holding my entire music collection together - all it needed was the right tool to light it up. RE got my creativity in gear; a few days' worth of scanning the library and a few more late nights, and I had before me a setlist to be proud of. It held up as well on the ones and twos as it had in the program's interface, and everything went off without a hitch.

Rapid Evolution was the tipping point that let me put my fire for DJing into practice - and I can't say enough about the program, its community and its fast-acting developer. All the best for the future.”

“After trying many programs that can key music for you, I have found that Rapid Evolution surpasses all the others and my expectations!! This piece of software is absolutely fantastic!!

Not only can you find the key and BPM of your tracks but you can profile your music with as much detail as you want. With all this information RE is a really powerful DJ aid, spitting out compatible mixes left, right and center. If the record you want to play is not in key - fine. RE will find a track to bridge to the track you want - Ace!!

Don't be a fool and think that it is substandard just because it is FREE!! This is better than the rest, and to top it all the support is amazing. Ideas are implemented, and the rare occurrence of bugs are fixed with amazing speed. So if you really want to part with your money, just donate to the developer!”

“I am not exactly sure how I discovered the concept of harmonic mixing and found Rapid Evolution, however the first time I launched this program and tried a few harmonic mixes I immediately knew, I will never turn back to that kind of mixing I had been doing before.

Being a bedroom DJ with not as much time for this hobby as I wish to have, Rapid Evolution is “my best DJ's friend”. Only with Rapid Evolution I am able to catalogue, filter and search my music collection in countless number of ways, store every good mixout I made with additional comments and rating, or automatically detect key of tunes with very high accuracy. And there are tons and tons of other excellent features - attaching album cover pictures to your tracks, customizable iTunes-like filters, virtual pitch fader showing you where should you place the real one to keep the BPM in sync etc etc.

There is no single way how to use Rapid Evolution, each user can have its own way of doing things and the best “thing” about this piece of software is its developer Qualia–a developer with passion for music and the evolution of his own software creation, open to new ideas, and constantly discussing with Rapid Evolution users and implementing new features. Thank you so much Qualia, you are the best.”

“I love this software. Useful & simple & free. What more could you possibly want?”

“I do hope someone has the good sense to come and give you a truck-load of cash to license your software. You certainly deserve it.”

“I'm a big fan of RE2, I use it to track my music while I mix/play live with Ableton Live.”

“I totally appreciate what you've done with RE. I feel like it is allowing me to go into the studio and be super creative without all of the boring work.”

“Once again thanks for Rapid Evolution. It is really cool software. I have been using it for 4 years now. It makes DJing much easier. :-)

“Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. DJing wouldn't be the same without you and your great program.”

“I am blown away by some of the possibilities! Thanks Qualia, this really is a unique and invaluable piece of software.”

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